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course description

Structural Integration offers a framework and a language for understanding natural human movement. These are simple, powerful teachings that will change how you practice and teach Yoga.

With Structural Integration as the map, Yoga can be vehicle to body balance. In fusing these methodologies, we can restore and cultivate harmonious muscle mechanics, functional stability and mobility, muscle efficiency and coordination, and authentic kinesthetic expression.

This course provides a hearty introduction to the application of Structural Integration wisdom to Yoga — for a practice which aims to get us moving like humans again.

what we will cover

  • the attributes of a kinesthetically healthy body

  • the body’s relationship to gravity

  • tensegrity & fascia

  • healthy and efficient muscle mechanics & coordination

  • flexor-extensor balance & core-sleeve balance

  • balanced mobility & stability in the body

  • how these principles can be applied to yoga asana

  • how yoga asana can be detrimental to body structure and function, or helpful

  • structural/functional practices infused into asanas


what you get

  • 4 video lectures (1 per week)

  • 8 live video Q & As (2 per week)

  • facebook group support & discussion 

how it works & course format

  • Once registered, I will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours. As we get closer, you will receive a preparatory email for the course which includes a password to access the course webpage and an invitation to the private facebook group.

  • The video lecture of the week will be available for viewing on Sunday morning.

  • Live Q & As will be held on Facebook (via our private group) on Wednesdays and Fridays at noon EST. Videos can be viewed at a later time if need be.

  • We will also have discussions in writing via our private Facebook group.

  • You may ask questions privately via email or via our facebook group.


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  • Then send me an email (with the course title in the subject line) and tell me a bit about yourself!