Ruthie Fraser

Structural Integration Practitioner (certified by Guild for SI, 2007)


"I want to get you to a place where gravity is your friend, a nourishing force."  ~Dr. Ida P. Rolf

studio locations

Brooklyn, NY - 119 8th St. 2nd floor, #205 (Gowanus)

Hudson, NY - walking distance from the Amtrak station


brooklyn Rates

structural integration

single $200 / 10 sessions $1800 / 5 sessions $950

yoga / movement

single $200 / 10 sessions $1800

voice dialogue

single $120 / 5 sessions $500


hudson Rates

structural integration

single $160 / 10 sessions $1400 / 5 sessions $750

yoga / movement

single $160 / 10 sessions $1400

voice dialogue

single $100 / 5 sessions $450


24 hour cancellation policy - You will be charged in-full if you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. Thank you.

about structural integration

Structural Integration is a unique body therapy invented and developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf in the USA from the 1950s-70s.  

Through informed analysis, tissue manipulation and a unique session process, Structural Integration invokes the potential length, space, appropriate relationships and optimal physiology that are possible in our bodies. 

The SI practitioner facilitates the shifting of profound patterns in us that would otherwise be stuck there, causing all kinds of discomfort, lack of mobility, and problems big and small. The reorganization of the soft tissue of the body through this specialized manipulation allows for the shifting of body parts back to spacial and functional harmony. 

In SI, there is a release of strained and contracted body tissues and a restoration of healthy tissue and optimal muscular function in the body. There is an awakening of the innate body intelligence that realigns us, heals us, and frees us. 

The power of this re-alignment cannot be underestimated: this has the potential to offer a homecoming to your own body in its most thriving state.

SI asserts that if the practitioner stays focused on improving overall body structure, then through that process, the epicenters of malfunction will be encountered and resolved.  

In SI, pain is understood as a symptom of larger or more global patterns in the body, especially in the fascia. The fascia is the connective tissue that wraps around all the muscles and tendons and organs, as well as bundles of muscle fibers and individual fibers-- it's a three dimensional, complex web or net that weaves through all the body parts and envelopes, divides and connects them at every layer. The fascia can become shifted or twisted or compressed in some way because of injury or repetitive habits, and then the muscles and bones and other connective tissues also become misaligned. 

When body parts are in poor spacial relationship to each other, the muscles don't function properly and that dysfunction perpetuates the misalignment, like a viscious cycle. The job of the Structural Integration practitioner is to intervene in that cycle, introduce better alignment and better muscular patterns, and ultimately facilitate a thriving, mobile, stable, comfortable and resilient body. 


about Voice Dialogue

Ruthie incorporates Voice Dialogue, a powerful self-discovery methodology, into the Structural Integration process for interested clients. She has trained and apprenticed with Bridgit Dengel Gaspard, senior Voice Dialogue facilitator.

Please inquire for more information: ruthie@stackyourbones.com

"The core of Voice Dialogue is the experience of meeting parts of ourselves in a structured way. This safe and effective method of personal investigation involves engaging in a dialogue directly with various parts of your psyche. The aim is to discover which Inner Selves you are identified with, gain awareness of these parts and how they influence your life so you can “grow” a more aware Ego. As you deepen your knowledge of your Primary Inner Self system and discover the influence of previously hidden and disowned Inner Selves, this transformational work releases energy that is now consciously available. We are then able to relate candidly with these Inner Selves rather than be driven by them, allowing us more choice and flexibility in all aspects of our lives." ~ Bridgit Dengel Gaspard