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Intensive for Teachers: the Pelvic Girdle

“When the pelvis is not balanced, we do not have the upward thrust that creates zero balance, the sense of weightlessness that can be experienced in the body…The combined forces acting on a balanced pelvis are in a moment of inertia near zero. It is always in dynamic action, but the forces balance out to near zero.”  ~Dr. Ida Rolf

In this workshop we will understand the pelvis from the lens of tensegrity, or integrity of tension. We will study and target the hamstrings, groins, buttocks, abdominals, and lower back (and associated fascia) to balance the tensional forces acting on the pelvis.

There are many muscles that attach to the pelvis from all directions. When the tonality, length, and function of all those muscles are in-tact and optimized, the 'forces acting on the pelvis' become equivalent in all directions -- allowing for a mobile, stable, comfortable pelvis that resides in healthy neutrality, readiness and resilience. 

$30. Register at Juniper.

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