Take Off Your Shoes

One of the most simple and accessible ways to connect to your body and your wildness is to take off your shoes. For those of us who spent a lot of time barefoot, this seems obvious.

But I have encountered many people who spend almost no time barefoot. 

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Teach Thematically with Stack Your Bones App

Teaching thematically is a wonderful way to educate your students. Choose a rich concept and weave it through your class. 

The Stack Your Bones App offers dozens of practical, structural, and playful themes that are easily applicable to yoga asana. Because the content is rooted in Structural Integration concepts, it will bring a slightly different dimension to your class than traditional yoga themes. 

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Stop Pushing Your Shoulders "Down and Back"

Many people think this is the way to "stand properly" and this is misguided. There are some yoga poses that call for this action in the right context, but it isn't a neutral position or one to strive for in daily life.

Let your shoulders lift a little and float, rather than pushing them back or down. Allow the shoulder bones to reside in the center of the shoulder sockets.

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