Take Off Your Shoes

One of the most simple and accessible ways to connect to your body and your wildness is to take off your shoes. For those of us who spent a lot of time barefoot, this seems obvious.

But I have encountered many people who spend almost no time barefoot. 

When we wear shoes our feet do not move as freely or with as much articulation as when we are barefoot. Consequently, feet that are constantly in shoes (even "healthy" shoes) can become stagnant, tight, and weak -- and dependent on shoes for support. 

The feet have inner technologies (medial arches and lateral arches) to provide ample support for the body they belong to. But if out of practice, these technologies can become shut down and need a re-boot. Or rather, an un-boot. Get it? Take off those boots, sneakers, whatever!

The best way to start is just to get your feet naked for a few minutes a day. Make your house a shoe-free zone. 

Spread your toes. Wiggle them. Play around with how your weight drops through your feet. Press your feet into a small rubber ball, just to feel into the tissues and help stretch them out. 

Live in your feet. Love them too.