Actions and Counter-actions for Body Wholeness

When opposite actions in the body embrace in a dynamic, animate conversation, we reside in balance -- and wholeness. Oftentimes, one aspect of our being is over-developed or in excess and a counter-opposing aspect is under-developed or lacking. We each embody a personal collective of these imbalances or fragments in posture, body structure, the prana body and the emotional body.

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The Back Side... Of Your Heart

If I could create a Care Bear Stare from the backside, I would.

Heart opening doesn't always have to be an externalized frontward projection from the chest. Opening the back of the heart and filling the back of the heart with prana has a different vibe. I find that opening the back of the heart in movement (utilizing visualization and breath) generates a space of contemplative, loving, peaceful introversion.

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Stop Pushing Your Shoulders "Down and Back"

Many people think this is the way to "stand properly" and this is misguided. There are some yoga poses that call for this action in the right context, but it isn't a neutral position or one to strive for in daily life.

Let your shoulders lift a little and float, rather than pushing them back or down. Allow the shoulder bones to reside in the center of the shoulder sockets.

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