Shoulder Medicine: The Sequence that Healed My Injury

Several years ago I suffered from a terrible injury that affected my right shoulder blade, collar bone, arm, ribcage and neck. It was caused by a combination of a direct trauma to the shoulder and also a pre-existing vulnerability in my structure. Western medicine had little to offer me: nothing was "broken" in diagnostic terms.

But the patterns of tension, muscle spasm, misalignment, and inflammation were debilitating. It even hurt to breathe at times. The shoulder problem was also starting to cause issues through my whole back, hips, and entire body. 

After 2 years experimenting with therapeutic movement, Iyengar yoga, pilates, and Structural Integration, my shoulder eventually healed, and my whole body readjusted. The compensation patterns dissolved, and I felt comfortable and strong again.

The shoulder sequences on the Stack Your Bones Yoga App are very close to me. These are the shoulder moves that healed me, particularly the sequence called "Shoulder Medicine." You can download the App today, no charge -- and all the shoulder sequences are FREE!

Shoulders need a place to rest. It helps if the legs are organized and the pelvis is balanced and mobile. The sequences speak to this as well. "Where you think it is, it ain't," said Dr. Ida Rolf. Often tight, immobile, hyper-mobile, or un-balanced shoulders need direct work-- which these sequences provide -- but healing shoulders also requires addressing the entire body.

I have taught variations of these sequences to many clients with success. Dive into them and make them personal to you. Use the poses as springboards of embodied inquiry.