Lift & Liberate a Rounded Upper Back

An overly rounded upper back, also known as kyphosis, is a common postural problem often linked with tension in the back, shoulders and neck. 

This condition may be caused by tightness, weakness, or misalignment throughout the body -- or a combination.

Here are some tips for creating an upper back that feels free, spacious, and effortlessly upright. Ideally, the shoulders feel like they are floating! 

1) Stretch and release stuck muscles and fascia, especially the tissues along the front of the thoracic spine, the chest area, the ribcage, and around the shoulder blades. Supported backbends are invaluable.

2) Strengthen back extensor muscles with active backbends and lengthening the torso.

3) Mobilize and balance the pelvis. This means work on hamstring and groin flexibility. Yes, your legs can affect your upper back!

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