Lengthen the Hamstrings and Groins

The hamstrings and groins attach to the bottom of the pelvis. When they are short and tight they tug relentlessly on the pelvis, limiting its ability to move freely and interfering with its resting position.

An immobilized, misaligned pelvis can have detrimental effects on the alignment and function of the whole body. This means cultivating supple hamstrings and groins is imperative for whole body health.

Here are a couple of tips for working on hamstring and groin flexibility:

1) Learn to un-tuck the pelvis. When the pelvis "tucks," the body can avoid the stretch in the backs of the legs and groins.

2) Promote spinal extension. Do some supported backbends and active backbends. Often an overly flexed spine perpetuates (and is perpetuated by) tight hamstrings and groins.

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