A Magical Refuge -- Embodied Solitude

You, alone, live in your body. This solitude can become your own magical refuge. 

There are many ways to experience solitude. I encourage one which includes consciously dropping into the inevitability (and gift!) of your personal embodiment.

1) Find a comfortable position, and bring your attention to the inner landscape of your body.

2) Welcome yourself to your embodied solitude.

3) Let your imagination open as you dive deeper into your body. What feelings or sensations arise? What images? colors? Sounds? Shapes? Memories? Desires? Follow a thread, no matter how silly or random or irrelevant it seems... 

It might not always be pleasant... Stay with the discomfort... It's a journey. See where it takes you. Magic will come with absorption.

"Nothing can be done without solitude. I have made a solitude for myself which no one has ever imagined." ~Pablo Picasso

The heart of embodied practice lies in the richness of insight and experience in ones' solitude... and then how one applies that richness in his/her life.

In this spirit, I'd like to take a moment to honor and thank the great teachers of body, movement, meditation, and yoga who may not be recognized in the external "industry," but who share from the depths of their own rich solitudes and are weaving bright colors into the behind-the-scenes tapestry of awake-ness in the world today.

I bow to the yogis of solitude. I bow to the yogis whose influence transmits in daily life -- through kindness, respect, activism, and presence -- even in small, seemingly insignificant moments. I bow to the yogis who influence more by quality than quantity.

Thank you.