Actions and Counter-actions for Body Wholeness

"Balance is not a static point, but is found in the flow of opposites embracing." ~Paul Abell

When opposite actions in the body embrace in a dynamic, animate conversation, we reside in balance -- and wholeness. Oftentimes, one aspect of our being is over-developed or in excess and a counter-opposing aspect is under-developed or lacking. We each embody a personal collective of these imbalances or fragments in posture, body structure, the prana body and the emotional body.

We can acknowledge and utilize the strength of our primary patterns and begin to cultivate our weaknesses and deficiencies. The active joining, or yog, of counter-opposing patterns, expressed equivalently, moves us from imbalance to balance -- from fragmentation to wholeness.

In the journey toward wholeness, we develop an inner alignment that supports free-flowing prana; we invoke the potential of our kinesthetic blueprint.

As we integrate counter-opposing actions in asana practice, we embody paradox, the co-existence of opposite interdependent truths. The presence of vibrating paradox in our bodies mirrors the very essence of ancient yoga philosophy.

The dynamic joining of opposite actions helps us correct our structural, muscular, and energetic aberrations. It also offers insight into constructive form and engagement in asanas -- and the differing paths for each of our unique bodies to achieve that integrity.