Both Wild and Refined: Embracing the Paradox of Conscious Movement

When we move, we can access something ancient, something natural.... something timeless, animal, primitive.

What's the wild human body? How does it move? How does YOURS move?

There's a gift in feeling into our undeniably wild nature: our uncivilized parts and our gut instincts, rhythms, and impulses.


And there's also a calling I feel towards refinement. A process of mindfully evolving and choosing a path of self-cultivation, physically and otherwise. Making our movements more artistic, our work-outs more optimal, our healing paths more curated.

Dr. Ida Rolf called it "personal conscious evolution." A personal choice and journey to take what we've got -- our bodies, minds, biology, genetics, and experiences -- and consciously grow.

Refining and re-wilding do not have to be opposites, and in my practice they are so intertwined that they are one in the same.

As I help people's movement become more clear, correct, smooth, differentiated, integrated, and graceful, I am also helping them get back to something basic, natural, human, and wild.

Like most paradoxes, one entity is in the heart of its seeming opposite. The one is in the heart of the many; the many is in the heart of the one. Wildness is in the heart of the refined; refinement is in the heart of the wild.

Can we engage in refinement without cutting off from our wild roots?

Not too animal, not too civilized. Just the right amount of both.

Feel into this paradox of getting more wild and more refined at the same time.

Enjoy, and Happy Spring Equinox!