The Back Side... Of Your Heart

Your heart has a back. It has sides too. It has depth and width and dimension.

This applies to the anatomical heart and to the yogic heart too (which are slightly different).

Sometimes when we think of "heart opening" in yoga/ movement, we focus kinesthetically and energetically on the front of the heart. In various ways we radiate frontwards from behind the sternum, like a Care Bear Stare.

This is good. But let's not forget about the heart's back side.

If I could create a Care Bear Stare from the backside, I would. That's what I'd have people do in a heart opening worshop (stay tuned for this event).

This is where constructive flexion comes in. This is where we let ourselves soften a little and fill up the back body.

Heart opening doesn't always have to be an externalized frontward projection from the chest. Opening the back of the heart and filling the back of the heart with prana has a different vibe. I find that opening the back of the heart in movement (utilizing visualization and breath) generates a space of contemplative, loving, peaceful introversion.

It's good for your structure too. We need to get a little round in the back sometimes, and play there. Breathe back there, into the back of the heart. Try it on hands and knees (like cat pose) and in a gentle, soft, rounded seated twist. Bring some energy to the back of the heart when you meditate. 

See what arises. And Happy Valentine's Day.