Don't "iHunch" -- But Don't Over-Correct Either!

Part of me wants to say "duh" about this NY Times article which declares that our iphones are ruining our posture and our mood. 

Of course it's not good for us to "ihunch" constantly over small devices. And I agree that the way we exist in our bodies affects our psychology and emotions (and vice versa)...

But I can't help but let you know that a big percentage of my clients deal with tension, contraction, and holding patterns from attepting to "correct" their "hunching" -- they go into some kind of forced thrusting, over-efforted "straightening" up, and chronic hyper-extension.

Getting back to effortless uprightness requires something else... unwinding, gently re-orienting, and cultivating balanced, healthy musculature so the bones can stack.

I also find myself teaching "Constructive Flexion" to many clients to show them that a rounded spine is not always the enemy and can even be therapeutic and enriching -- in the right context, and done in the right manner.

We don't JUST need to extend our backs, lift our chests, and roll our shoulders back. Sometimes we need to widen our back bodies and round ourselves. Think of the various emotional archetypes that we can invoke and embody by practicing many forms and movements. Some extroverted, some introverted. Some yang and some yin.

Our personal tendencies inform us of what we need the most to move towards balance. But we all can benefit from exploring movement in many directions -- and orienting to a centered, neutral place.

So, yes: lift up from your iPhone for the sake of your body and your life.

And let's embody a spectrum of rich psycho-emotional possibilities, and not just the ones that society emphasizes and rewards.