Birth of the Book and a Big Lesson

The gestation period for my book began years before I got pregnant with my human baby (who is 15 months old as I write this).

The Stack Your Bones lessons developed in my Structural Integration studio starting in 2007. I would select and offer whichever teaching seemed relevant to the person standing in front of me. I would pull from the methods I've studied: Dr. Ida Rolf's Structural Integration, Iyengar Yoga, the Feldenkrais Method, the Alexander Technique, Voice Dialogue, and Continuum Movement. Or, I'd invent something new.

The "homework" I created for clients became the signature of my practice. "I heard you give people stuff to do at home." Yes, that's me. And now, I am thrilled to offer that "stuff" to a wider audience.

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The Back Side... Of Your Heart

If I could create a Care Bear Stare from the backside, I would.

Heart opening doesn't always have to be an externalized frontward projection from the chest. Opening the back of the heart and filling the back of the heart with prana has a different vibe. I find that opening the back of the heart in movement (utilizing visualization and breath) generates a space of contemplative, loving, peaceful introversion.

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